Arts and Me

My love for arts started when I was in High School, I guess.

Of course I draw when I was a small child but I felt the passion for arts during my teen years. My inspiration came from my own sister. I love her designs on projects, her doodles at the back of her notebooks ( I’m so sorry sis but I’ll keep your secrets),  and her artworks when she joined contests.

I wished and dreamed I could draw like her.

I practiced and practiced. I draw everything that I liked, mostly 2D animes. I always got the highest grades on our Arts subject. Until I was known as the “Artist” of our classroom. Boys would come to me for my “free tattoo services” and my friends would beg me to do their art projects.

I didn’t mind. I love doing it.

Well, there were times I hated my drawings. I felt it was not enough and there are others that are much better than me. But then again, why bother with the works of others? They also worked hard. They also started from scratch. Everyone starts from the beginning, from that one step. But some are just so quick at walking. 🙂

Nevertheless, I tried to focus on improving myself instead of wasting my time being envious of others’ works. I have my own path.

Well, that’s arts and me. A unique relationship that I have.

Treasure yours too.

Here’s one of my favorite quote. Hope it inspires you.

Don't take away her ability to decide what's best for her by lying about your true intentions. (4)


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