South Korea for First-timers

I traveled to South Korea last May 2017 and it was a dream come true. To finally step on the land of K-Drama and K-pop! So, to all fanatics out there like me, don’t lose hope and save (that’s the most important part), and experience Korea.

Here’s how I went about my trip:


Airline Tickets: You must be alert about when airlines will run their promos. Catching the cheapest airfare will save you money. We booked an AirAsia flight from Kalibo-Incheon.


  • Subscribe to airline’s e-mail alerts
  • Visit airline’s official website to monitor their promo schedules
  • Usually, airline promos change every 3 to 5 days.

Accommodations: This will depend on your preference. But this must be secured before your trip to ensure you have a place to stay when you get there, plus you’ll need it to fill up your immigration card as well.

SUBWAY MAP. Using your smartphone, download the offline map of the subway system of South Korea. The application is available for both Apple and Android. Or you could just get one from the hotel you’re staying or any tourist guide offices. It will be your best friend throughout your holiday. Believe me, you’ll really need this if you’re going for the first time.

TRANSPORTATION CARD (T-Money). This is an all-around card which you can use to pay for your transportation and purchases from the featured stores. The advantage of having T-Money is that it provides a 10% discount whenever you board a train. Plus, it has a cute design as well.

WALKING AROUND. I did a lot of walking. You will enjoy hopping from one place to another on foot. Seoul is a beautiful city. The weather is fairly cool throughout the year. Don’t forget to bring a pair of sneakers!

The attractions I visited will be posted on my next blog. See ya!

Photos. All rights reserved.

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